Side Part Wig

What is a side part wig

Side part wig is a very simple wig hairstyle that only requires subtle treatment of the hair to completely change the visual effect of the wig. The Side part is perfect for everyday hairstyles and will make the face smaller. In addition, curly hair is smaller than straight hair, which is a world-recognized theorem, coupled with side parts, it will appear fuller hair, which can help us quickly modify the face shape to improve the appearance level.

How to create a side part wig hairstyle

Although side part wig hairstyle looks simple, but the difficulty is all in the care, here is a brief introduction to how to easily create a perfect side part wig hairstyle.
-The first is to put the wig firmly on the head, and then style the hair, you can randomly divide the hair into the way you like, you can choose three to seven divisions, you can choose four to six divisions, the seam on the left or on the right is completely according to your personal preferences.

-After the section is divided, the roots of the hair are fixed with a straight comb to allow the wig to adapt to the new section. You can then apply a wax wand to the roots of your hair to further fix it. Finally, use a comb to arrange the hair at the end of the hair to obtain a side part hairstyle.

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