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What is Real HD Lace? How can I Identify it

Jun 15,2023 | OhMyPretty

HD lace means “high definition”. The HD lace means it's very thin and invisible. But a lot of lace on the market is actually not HD lace, but a kind of fake HD lace. So how should you pick real HD lace? How to tell if the lace you're buying is real or fake? Read on.

What is real HD lace


The real HD lace is easy to unravel. When you take your finger and literally pull on the HD lace, it's going to start to unravel. it's super thin so you can just barely pull it with your fingernail or the tips of your finger and you'll notice that it unravels. the transparent lace is slightly thicker than the HD lace, so no matter how much you try to pull on it with your fingertip it's thicker and it's not going to unravel.

So, when shopping for lace be sure to do the quick pull test to make sure the lace is HD lace, otherwise, you will not experience the light and comfortable effect of HD lace with the price of HD lace.

Can you reuse the HD lace

HD lace can be reused. Although HD lace is lighter than any kind of lace on the market, that doesn't mean HD lace is weak and durable. On the contrary, this lace is a high-quality Swiss lace, that can give you the most realistic wear effect, and perfect comfort.

After wearing the wig, this time is 1 to 3 weeks, you can have the wig for a wash and care. Brush the lace gently with a soft brush, and clean the glue and other substances left on the lace. Be careful not to use a hard brush, which will easily undo the lace quickly, and also make the wig on the lace fall off.

Is HD lace good for dark skin

HD lace is perfect for dark skin. Swiss HD lace is an almost versatile color that can be used on any skin, because it is very thin and transparent, with almost no color, so the scalp can be completely integrated with your natural skin.

Transparent lace is slightly less effective than HD lace. Because most of our skin is black, and transparent lace is white, the two will create a clear contrast. So, if you have a darker skin tone, feel free to go for HD lace.

Does HD lace last long


The service life of HD lace wig largely depends on your wear method, wear time, care methods, and living habits. HD lace wigs can be used for 1 to 2 years if you care for them and store them carefully.

1. Cleanse: Place shampoo and conditioner in a tub or bucket and mix well before placing in the wig. Do not rub directly on the lace. When there is glue left on the lace, it can be gently brushed with a soft brush.

2. Store: please put your wig on a mannequin head and store it in a place that won't get rubbed. This is the most important step in extending the length of time the wig is worn. So you need to store your wig properly.

3. Wearing frequency: If you are a person who wears a wig all year round and wears it almost every day, then your wig will generally change more quickly. The more often a wig is used, the more it wears out. If you wear it every day, the life of HD lace is generally 1 year, if you wear it 1 or 2 days a week, it may be able to use 2 years or more.

Is HD lace the best lace


Compared to transparent lace, HD lace will be better to wear and easier to integrate with the skin. How to determine which type of lace you should choose? In fact, each kind of lace has its own unique characteristics, you can choose your own lace according to these characteristics.

HD lace: HD lace has the advantage of clarity and good integration with the skin, so we usually use HD lace to make wear and go wigs and m cap wigs. easy to unravel, this is a feature HD lace avoids opening. Because its material is very soft and very thin. The lace will unravel easily if you wear it for a long time. But its natural invisible effect is no other lace can replace. If what you value most is the wearing effect of lace, then choose HD lace.

Transparent lace: Transparent lace has the advantage of being strong and durable, as the material itself will be thicker than HD lace. But its fit is not as high as HD lace, because its color itself is relatively white, generally only suitable for people with white skin, so it is very unfriendly to black women. Therefore, most people choose HD lace when buying a wig because it suits almost all skin tones.

Final words

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