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The Best Wigs for Summer Vacations: Water Wave Wig

Jul 04,2023 | OhMyPretty


The water wave wig is a very classic hairstyle, because of its wet look being popular among girls in recent years. The wet look of the water wave wig is super sexy and charming and can make you become the center of attention in the crowd. But if you are a wig beginner, you may want to know why the water wave wig is so classic and how to get the different hairstyles by using this wig.

What is a water wave wig?

The water wave wig is a wig with a median size of the curl and the curl is like the water ripple. The most outstanding feature of this wig is that the hair wig is very casual, every curl will in different directions, giving you a free and easy feeling.

What's the difference between water wave and deep wave wigs?


The water wave wig is very similar to the deep wave wig, the only difference between them is the curls of the water wave are relatively irregular, they will curl in many directions. And you will find the water wave is like the natural wave, both are a curl that is very natural. On the contrary, the curls of the glueless deep wave lace wig are very uniform, the curl on every strand of hair is on the same line. See from a distance, the curl of the wig is very orderly. Although the curl is very similar, look out the following picture you will find the difference.

What is the best hairstyle for swimming?

In summer, the best hairstyle must be water wave, it’s a hair that is famous for its wet look. In the summer, we go to the beach to swim, it definitely gets your hair wet. So, if you wear a water wave wig and a sexy bikini, it must be very charming and gorgeous. This wig is very classic and can be the best hairstyle in the summer. If you want to the beach to have a fantastic summer vacation, please take out this water wave wig! It will never disappoint you.


5 Beach Hairstyles by using water wave wig

Middle part

This is the most common hairstyle of the water wave wig because is with the middle part when it comes into your hands. If you don’t want to change the style and you are lazy to change it, you can wear it directly. The wig in our ohmypretty store is pre-plucked hairline, pre-cut lace, and pre-styled. If you want to buy a wig that not need for complicated wearing steps, the water wave wear and go glueless wig can be your best choice. You can put on the wig directly and no need for any other tools, either no need for wig-wearing skills. And this hairstyle is super suitable for the hot summer.


Side part

This hairstyle is very suited for water wave wigs. The side part can change the monotonous hair to a stylish one, and make your outlook add more highlights. If you are bored with the normal middle part, try this new hairstyle. All you need to do is use a hot came to put the hair in the side part you want. And you can use a hair wax stick to make the wig neat and make the hair seam more noticeable. This hairstyle suit for a girl who has a small face because the middle part can reshape your face better.

water wave dise part

Headband hairstyles

Headband hairstyles are very popular among fashion girls. You can take this hairstyle to do sport or do some shopping, it's all very convenient. If you want to get a headband look, you can buy a headband water wave wig directly, or you can buy a water wave wig and then wear a headband you like on your head.


Cute Buns style

This hairstyle is very cute and young, it makes people look full of energy. If you want to change your boring hairstyle, this can be the best choice. It is also a hairstyle suit for summer, putting your hair up in front of your forehead can make you feel cool and more convenient to do activities. If you think bun your hair all over the head is bald, you can try this one.


Ponytail hairstyles

This hairstyle is very cool and charming and it is easy, just put all your hair on the top of the head and use a rubber scrunchie to get it fixed. It should be noted that the fixed place must be higher than your ear, otherwise, you will look lethargic and limp. And you should hold your hair tight so that the hairstyle looks better.


Can you swim underwater with a wig?

If you like to swim, you can wear the wig with glue, and the glue must be waterproof. Generally, the wig worn with glue can last 1-2 weeks. If the glue you use to fix the wig is viscous, a wig can be worn for 2-3 weeks. But if you want to wear the wig to swim, there is no question of security, but you’d better take off the wig after you finish playing, after all, the wet hair and the wet wig cap will make you feel uncomfortable. When you take it off, use a wide-tooth comb to untangle the hair and it's better to clean it. When you play on the beach or swim in the sea, the hair will be tangled easily, so it is necessary to take care of the wig in time and air dry to prepare the next time you wear it.

Final words

I know you are charmed by these beautiful hairstyles and you can come to the and pike the wig you like. All your need is at here.