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Air Wig-Make the Wig Cap More Breathable

Jul 15,2023 | OhMyPretty


The air wig is a wig that can give you the most breathable experience. By wearing this wig, you can avoid a 90% muggy feeling when you wear the wig in hot summer. A breathable air cap wig can be a product that you can frequently wear in hot weather.

What is an air wig?

Air wig is a special wig cap that ohmyprettywig newly upgraded to cope with the hot weather, are really lightweight wigs. According to the air permeability result of putting the air wig cap on the humidifier, the air can be 100% across the wig cap.

Although the wig cap has a certain thickness and the color of the wig cap is black, we have changed the old canvas which is very muggy and unbreathable to the new 3D dome cap, which is breathable and airy.


Why air wig is so breathable

Wig Material

The material used to make the air wig is high-quality canvas, elastic nylon, and invisible Swiss HD lace. All the air wig caps are made of high-quality raw materials, and test after test, the wig cap can achieve 100% air permeability, now the wig cap can be super breathable, and at the same time, it’s very soft and comfortable. Machine-made wig cap plus hand-made HD lace, make your wig look supportive and not bloated.

Wig Design

The air wig cap is not only a wig cap for hair but also a comfortable product for consumers. We need to design a high-quality, designable, and intimate product to satisfy the consumers’ needs. Apart from the airy wig cap, we also upgrade the wig material to canvas and nylon, which are very elastic and can melt with our skin better.

The 3D dome cap with the piano elastic strap can fit your head circumference, giving you enough security and fit your head well. And the wig cap is not solid, it is hollow on the air wig cap, so there are many places to let the head dissipate the heat.

What are the functions of a 3D dome cap?

More breathable

3D dome cap makes the cap much more breathable and comfortable; you can wear the air wig in the summer without any worry. Using the super breathable material and designable wig cap can let you cool and not stuffy in the hot weather. The breathable material and the soft touch will make you can’t put it down.

You may feel muggy when you wear the cap in the summer, that’s because the cap is solid and there will be no air can across to the cap to let you cool. But the air cap is not a solid cap, actually, it’s a material just like lace, you can feel the wig cap can allow the air across and avoid you sweat. After all, it is not easy to sweat if you are in a ventilated environment.

More wrapping

The upgrade 3D dome cap can make sure all of your head is wrapped by the wig cap. Traditionally, the old wig cap that was made of unbreathable canvas, is really small and bloated. It will make your head looks big and not have support when you wear it.

Because the wig cap is small, you will feel like it will slip all the time and to make sure the wig is safe or not, the newly upgraded 3D dome cap extended the wig cap to a large one, which can wrap your whole head even your head is big than other girls. So, the safety of the wig cap is increased and reduces the possibility of the wig slipping.

More security

Apart from the big 3D dome cap, the newly add elastic band can give you more security too. generally, the normal lace size is 22.5 inch and you can adjust it to 22 inch-23 inch, which is very suit for a girl whose head is big or small, all the head circumference can wear this wig easily and safely.

Final words

The air cap with the breathable and comfortable wig cap can be your best choice in the hot summer if you are a person who is easy to sweat but you can’t give up wearing the wig, this air wig can be made for you. If you want to find more products here, welcome to the ohmypretty wig