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How to Wear a Wig with Long Hair

Aug 26,2023 | OhMyPretty


How to wear a wig with long hair? I believe most girls will have this scruple when you wear a wig especially if you are a girl with long natural hair. This is really a confusing problem we should learn some methods to deal with it.

How long is long hair

Commonly, the wig from 10 inches to 16 inches is the bob wig, and the long hair wig is the length from 18 inches to 32 inches or more than 32 inches. So if your own hair is longer than 18 inches, that can be side to be long hair. In this circumstance, it is very difficult for us to wear a wig naturally and cover all of our natural hair. The large volume and thick hair will make our head look very big especially when you wear a wig. So, if your hair is longer than this length, you’d better take some measures to decrease the influence of the long hair.

How to wear a wig with long hair

Wearing a wig with long hair requires arranging your original hair, combing your long hair neatly, and bundling your hair on top of your head to take up as little volume as possible. Here are the detailed steps.

#Step1: Brush your hair

Brush your hair to make it smooth enough, this will help you better manage the hair and wear the wig in the best condition. The smooth hair will make it easier to proceed to the next step. And the wig-wearing effect will be better after your thoughtful treatment.

#Step2: Bride your hair

Set your hair into two parts, put them in the front of the shoulder, and then bride them one by one. You can bride them into a braid in any way you like, the function is to reduce the volume of your hair, to make it easy to cover by the wig cap. Bride the hair from the ear to the hair end, and use a rubber band to tie it. The other part of the hair is the same way, just repeat the action again. And now all the hair is the bride. Pull the bride across the head, secure it with a bobby pin, and the same goes for the other one. Make sure it is flat against your scalp, and secure the other side with another booby pin. And now the hair is finished. You will find that your own hair is reduced volume to a large extent, and you look just like a bald. At this time, wearing a wig will be much easier.


#Step3: Wear a wig cap

-Choose a wig cap that suits your skin tone. There often are two wig caps, light color, and deep color. The choice of the wig cap color is due to your skin color. Commonly, a wig cap is included with a wig purchase, and we will present to you the wig cap that suits most black girls, so you don’t need to worry about this problem.

-Wearing a wig cap on your head. Take out the wig cap and open it up, put it on your head, and push all the hair into the wig cap. Now the whole process is finished. You can make a comparison between the wig cap and your face If there is any chromatic aberration between the wig cap and your face, smear some powder on the wig cap, this can help you get a natural hair parting.

#Step4: Wear the wig

Now is the last process, that is wearing a wig on your head. If your wig is wear and go wigs, the wig-wearing process must be very easy, you have already worn a wig cap, only you need to do is put the wig on the head. If you need to wear a wig with glue, after the treatment of your long hair, the wig-wearing must be very quick and natural.

Several undesirable methods to deal with the long hair


× Don’t just put the wig cap on your head and put all your long hair into the wig cap willy-nilly. This will make the wig look bulging and your head will be bigger than the normal condition.

× Don’t install a wig without wearing the wig cap, and wear a wig on the head directly. This will make the real hair easy to expose to the outside.

× Don’t put your hair in a casual bun on top of your head. It will make your head top bulging and look very weird. And in this condition, the wig cap will not fit firmly with the hair, the wig will not fit well with the wig cap, so the wig will be easy to fall off when you wear it.

× Don’t wear the wig casually, wig-wearing is an important thing to your appearance, and you should treat it carefully, only in this way, will you get a perfect and immaculate wig wearing effect.

Final words

ohmypretty-human-hair-wigsSHOP THE SAME HAIR

How to wear a wig with long hair? I have already answered this question in this post. I believe this question has been bothering you for a long time, and now you can follow these steps to deal with your long hair and to make a natural wig-wearing effect.