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How to Measure Head for Wig: The Most Detailed Tutorial

Nov 20,2023 | OhMyPretty


The first step in buying a wig, you need to understand your head circumference in detail, which can help you buy the most suitable wig, but also make the wig wear more firm, not easy to fall off. Let's find out how to measure head for wig together.

Common wig cap size chart


The size of the wig cap needs to be measured not only the size of the head circumference, but also front to nape, ear to ear across forehead, ear to ear overtop head, temple to temple around back and nape of neck. Wig caps come in three sizes: small, medium, and large. The wig cap itself is flexible, and the mainstream products on the market are based on average size, that is, medium size. The size of this wig cap is in line with the head circumference of the vast majority of girls, which can meet the needs of most people. Small and large wig hats are rarely chosen.

Things to pay attention to before measuring head circumference

1. Select measuring tool

Measuring head circumference generally requires flexible tape measure. You can directly measure head circumference with the ruler you usually use to measure waist circumference. Do not choose a hard tape measure to save time, it will cause a large measurement error. If you only have a ruler, you can also use a string instead of a tape measure, and then use the ruler to measure the length of the string.

2.Know which dimensions to measure

Generally speaking, there are 6 dimensions that we need to measure. The first and most important one is the head circumference, which will directly determine whether you wear an even size wig. Then follow the steps to measure the size of the part separately to ensure that the most suitable wig is purchased to the greatest extent.

3. Enlist the help of friends

Since you are measuring the size of your own head, it is inevitable that there will be some inconvenience, you cannot see the back part, and it is difficult to operate even against the mirror. You can choose to ask a friend for help, so that the measurement data is the most accurate and the fastest. If you can only measure yourself, you can measure the data twice, if there is no big difference, it means that the measurement error is small.

Measuring your head for a wig in 6 steps

There are six steps to measuring your head for a wig. If you already have a flexible tape measure, follow these steps to start measuring your head for a wig.


Step 1: Measure circumference

Place the tape measure on your head and wrap it around your head, securing the ruler at your hairline where you need to wear the wig. You can imagine if you were to wear a wig, where the edge of the wig would rest, and that's where you would measure the circumference of your head.

Step 2: Measure front to nape

Measure the longitudinal distance between head and tail at the center of your hairline. This distance is also a very important data. If this distance is greater than the distance of the average size wig cap, then you will need to buy a large wig cap.

Step 3: Measure ear to ear across forehead

Measuring the distance between the two ears can help you determine whether it fits the wig cap, and choose the lace area that fits the size of your forehead to ensure that the lace can be fully covered.

Step 4: Measure ear to ear overtop head

Measure the size of the ear to ear overtop head, and then compare it with the size of the wig cap you want to buy. If the actual distance and the distance of the wig cap are the same, then it proves that the wig cap size is suitable for you.

Step 5: Measure temple to temple around back

Measure the temple to temple around back, in order to make sure that the wig cap can fit our scalp, every size should be carefully measured, because everyone's head is different, you want to make sure that your head circumference and the wig cap's head circumference is similar.

Step 6: Measure nape of neck

Measure the nape of neck to ensure that your size and the size of the wig cap is not too different, so as to avoid the embarrassing situation of the wig cap not covering the hairline.

OhMyPretty Wig Cap Size

Because the Wig cap is flexible, the wig cap on OhMyPretty Wig is a medium size by default. A medium size wig cap can fit most girls' heads. The specific wig cap specifications and sizes are as follows, you can compare your head circumference data with the data in the table, if the difference is not large, then the medium wig cap is suitable for you.


Currently, the most popular wig type on the market is wear and go wigs. This wig cap combines a flexible 3D dome cap and an elastic adjustment strap to make the wig more comfortable to wear and fit 99% of girls' heads. Because you can adjust the size according to your head circumference, and fixed.

If you are special, your head circumference is much smaller than or much larger than the size of our medium wig cap, you can customize the wig, we also have suitable wigs for you to provide you.

Final words

If you have learned How to measure head for wig, you can learn which wigs are available for you. Go to OhMyPretty Wig store to find the right wig for you.