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How to Install a U-Part Wig

Apr 13,2023 | OhMyPretty


1.What is a u-part wig?

2.Is a u-part wig good for hair?

3.How to install a u-part wig

4.How to take care of a u-part wig?

5.Final words

1.What is a u-part wig?

The u-part wig has a U-shaped hollow at the top of the wig, through which you can expose your own hair at the top, creating a natural and realistic hair parting. Then you mix your own hair with the part of the wig to match your hair with the color of the wig. The whole process is also very simple and doesn't take much time to create a natural and authentic hair style.

2.Is a u-part wig good for hair?

The answer is yes. The u-part wig has the same function as most wigs. It can protect your hair well without any harm to it. When wearing a wig, the hair should be hidden behind the wig like a normal wig. Only the top part should be exposed. You can also protect your hair regularly with a hair conditioner to keep them looking best at all times. Wearing a wig won't hurt your hair, it just makes your hair look shinier and more attractive. I'm sure when you wear a u-part wig, your friend will ask you which barbershop you went to and she will be surprised that you wore a wig because it is so realistic.

3.How to install a u-part wig

Maybe you would like to try this u-part wig, you must have a lot of details want to know, here is the detailed steps to wear a u-part wig, follow the instructions, and you can get a perfect hairstyle.

Step 1: Measure

You can place the wig gently on your head to see how big the U-part of the wig is and where the hair should be placed on your head. This is important because you need accurate

Step 2: Part your hair

At the top of the head, comb a u-shaped strand of hair, which will be the part that needs to be exposed later. It's the u-part of the wig that you measured in the previous step. And tie this part of the hair separately with a hair ring.

Step 3: Fix the rest hair

Tie all of your hair together except for the u shape at the top of your head into a ponytail at the end of your head. Pay attention to the hair must be smooth, so as to ensure that the wig wear to achieve the best effect.

Step 4: Wear the wig

Holding the u-part sides of the wig, place the wig on your head and use the clips inside the wig to clamp into your hair to hold it in place. The clip around the u-part wig is used to make sure that the hair fits into the wig.

Step 5: Adjust your wig

Be sure to follow the instructions in the previous step and adjust the clip of the u-part wig to ensure a perfect fit to the head. This step will directly affect your experience of wearing the wig. If not properly secured, the wig may fall off.

Step 6: Connect

Untie the top of your hair, separate the parting you want, and then brush your hair to make the wig and your own hair blend naturally. Make sure your hair covers the u-part completely.

4.How to take care of a u-part wig?

People who like to wear wigs must know that the care of wigs is very important, it will directly affect the service life of wigs. If you're rough and violent with your wig, then I'm sure you'll need to change it frequently, so it's especially important to care for your wig. As a wig beginner, let's take a look at the care methods for u-part wig.

Be careful with your u-part wig

Treat your wig gently, because the wig itself is a very smooth product, its hair cap part is made of soft material, strong force on the wig will easily lead to deformation of the wig and even hair loss and knotting. So, we should be as gentle as possible when wearing or storing.

Wash and maintain wigs regularly

Most wigs these days are made from human hair, so it's important to wash and care for them as soon as possible. After all, if you don't wash your hair for a long time, you should know what your hair is going to look like, and the same goes for wigs. This frequency is generally based on how often you wear the wig to set, if you don't take very often, generally can be cleaned once a month or two.

Detangle with a wide-toothed comb

Always use a wide-toothed comb when brushing your hair, so that your wig is always smooth and new. As we all know, hair is very easy to produce static electricity, fine comb will increase the friction between the hair, resulting in a lot of static electricity, but also easy to cause hair shedding, so we must avoid this situation.

Air dry your hair

Once your hair is washed, gently wipe it off with a towel and leave it to air dry. Do not use a hair dryer, which will not only make your hair frizzy, but may also ruin the styling of your hair.

Use the right conditioner

When washing wigs, do not use shampoo and conditioner with high ph. Look for a mild, professional wig cleaner. Read more about Your Top Concerns: How to Take Care of HD Lace Wig.

5.Final words

Installing u-part wig is pretty easy. I'm sure you'll be able to do it in a few minutes after learning it. The wig has some very clever designs, with the top of the head hollowed out, allowing the natural hair seem to be exposed, making it completely natural. And its installation is also very simple, only a few simple steps, can be completed. And as long as you master a few simple wig care tips, you can ensure that your wig looks as good as new in the long run. Don't hesitate to choose the wig you like.