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How to Dye a Wig Yourself——Human Hair Wig DIY Tutorial

Apr 25,2024 | OhMyPretty


If you are a fashion-conscious girl, you will definitely want to change your hair color frequently. Therefore, most people choose to dye human hair wig to avoid damaging their native hair and change the color of their hair.

How can I dye my wig at home?

Girls who want to dye human hair wig can learn the following hair coloring methods, and today I will give you a summary of even hair coloring methods.


Step 1: Get plenty of hair dye. Two boxes are perfect for hair length over 22 inches.

Step 2: Prepare your human hair wig by dyeing it without washing it. Although the wig may have oil secreted by your skin, but it does not matter, the oil secreted in this way can protect the hair, because the damage of hair dye is still very big.

Step 3: the top 3~5cm out of the empty, do not dye, leave to the last dye, the crown of the part has lace, not easy to deal with, easy to dye the hair uneven, first dye the middle and end of the hair, wait for 10~15 minutes and then apply the remaining part.

Step 4: After dyeing, the hair is naturally scattered down, you can wrap the hair with plastic film, so that the temperature of the hair is increased, and it is easier to color, so that the heat will be more uniform when heating, and the dyeing will be more uniform.

Step 5: When the time is enough, wash your hair with water, generally stay for 30 to 45 minutes, and the time that the hair color cream stays can be determined according to the actual hair color state. Rinse with water and treat with a hair mask.

What kind of dye do you use on wigs?

First, you need to determine the texture of your wig. If it is 100% real human hair wig, we can use the hair dye we usually use when dyeing our hair, and there will be no damage to the wig of real hair. But if your wig is synthetic wig, or a human hair wig with synthetic hair, you need to choose your hair dye carefully. Because the texture of your hair is likely to change because you choose an unsuitable hair dye, and in serious cases, it will directly damage the wig. Therefore, when choosing a wig, it is recommended that you do not choose a poor wig for a moment of cheap, like OhMyPretty Wigs will not have this problem.

How do you protect lace when dying a wig?

Lace needs careful protection in ordinary use, because high-quality lace is often more fragile in order to achieve light and breathable. When coloring your own human hair wig, pay special attention to the lace part. Here are some ways you can protect your lace from being damaged.


1. Do not wash your wig before dyeing it, which is equivalent to applying a thick oil film to the scalp. Even if the hair dye is stained on the lace or the root of the hair, it can avoid direct damage to the wig.

2. And then apply a thick moisturizing and nourishing face cream, skin care products, or hair conditioner and other things on the lace and hair roots, which is equivalent to adding a layer of oil film on the scalp, double protection and isolation of the wig, in the hair dyeing, hair dyeing cream is basically completely out of contact with the lace and hair roots, so it will not damage the wig.

3. Then apply the skin care product thickly to the lace and wig cap where there is a chance of getting hair color cream, so that even if you get hair color cream, you can easily rinse it thoroughly.

4. After dyeing hair, be sure to use mild, weakly acidic, amino acid shampoo, cleaning power of medium or medium weak, preferably with scalp care effect of mild shampoo to thoroughly wash the wig. Because the hair color cream is alkaline, it will destroy the acid-base balance of the hair, and the hair scales will be completely opened when the hair is dyed, so the use of weak acid shampoo after dyeing can restore the PH of the scalp, but also help close the hair scales, and play the role of repairing the damaged hair, while not causing too much fading.

5. Always wash the wig after dyeing, be sure to continuously use weak acid shampoo, especially for the repair of wig lace and hair

6. After dyeing the hair, it is necessary to use hair care products, such as conditioner, hair mask, and essential oil several times in order to repair the hair damage caused by dyeing faster.

Final words

Has been on the wig dyeing and hair care methods, master the above methods, you can easily dye your own wig at home, you can easily achieve a variety of styling.