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How much does a wig install cost: at home and barbershop

Oct 10,2023 | OhMyPretty


Whether it is installing a wig at home or going to a barber shop to install a wig, most people will first consider the problem, that is, the price. Next, we will introduce how much does a wig install cost at home and the price of finding a professional stylist to install the wig, which can be convenient for you to compare.

How much does a wig install cost at home

The price of installing a wig at home is between $100 and $200, which mainly refers to the price of the tools you need to install the wig yourself.

In fact, installing a human hair wig at home is not much extra consumption, all you need is to buy a wig and the tools used to install the wig. Some of these tools you don't even need to buy. Some tools are also very cheap. Here, I will give you a list of what you can buy according to your needs and calculate how much they will cost:

The tools needed to install the wig

  • Scissors: about 9$
  • Glue: about 19$
  • Comb: about 10$
  • Curling iron: about 99$
  • Hairdryer: about 50$
  • Shampoo: about 15$
  • Hair conditioner: about 15$
  • Wig cap: about 4$
  • Bleach: about 20$
  • Brightener: about 18$
  • Mannequin head: about 20$

The price you need to buy the above tools is the price you need to spend to install a wig at home, after all, your own labor is not required to pay, consume only your own time, and these tools are not one-time, you can use them repeatedly, so you also install lies at home or a cost-effective choice.

Wig install price near me at barbershop

Going to a barber shop to install a wig can cost between $200 and $700. The specific installation cost is determined by the type of wig you install, the quality of the product used and the effect you want to achieve.

If you want to install high quality human hair, want to use the highest quality glue and wig installation products, and want to achieve the most perfect wig installation effect, then the cost must be high. Like the wig worn by the star, we can hardly detect that they are wearing a wig, and the installation of the wig is almost integrated with the original scalp. Of course, this also requires you to find a professional wig installation stylist with ultra-high technology, but if your requirements are relatively low, the requirements of the selected products are relatively low, or you can find a relatively affordable hair stylist to install wigs in the nearby barber shop.

How can I install a wig at home

If you want to install the lace frontal wig yourself, you can also create a very perfect look by following this tutorial, as long as you follow the instructions step by step.

1. Wash your hair

The installation process of the wig is still complicated, so most people will choose to wear the wig for a long time. Therefore, you need to wash your hair before wearing the wig, which can extend the wearing time of the wig. After washing the hair, blow dry and dredge it so as not to affect the next step.

2. Wear a wig cap.

This is an essential preparation before wearing a wig, you can put your original hair up, and then put on the wig cap, apply water on the hairline of the wig cap, and then trim the wig cap into the appropriate shape, and fix the wig cap on the head.

3. Install the wig.

Place the wig in place on your head and apply glue along the lace edge. Then gently lower and press the lace edge so that the lace edge and hairline are fully mixed and fixed, and then put the elastic on the head to secure the wig.

4. Trim the lace

Wait 10 to 20 minutes to remove the elastic from the head, trim the excess lace along the glue, and reapply the glue if there is a curved edge.

5. Make baby hair

Pull out a little hair in front of your forehead and trim it to eyebrow length. Create natural baby hair by curling it in curls with a curling iron.

6. Complete the installation.

Tips for budget-friendly wig installation

1. Choose a glueless wig

A glueless wig is a wig that has been pre-treated for you, which means you can save a lot of time when wearing the wig. You know, generally we buy wig products are semi-finished, is not after any treatment such as trimming lace and bleaching, when wearing, you need to trim lace by yourself, wear your own wig with glue, if you are not finding a stylist, but choose to wear yourself, then the whole process is still very complicated. Glueless wigs can be worn in 3 seconds, so that your modeling process without any trouble, even if you are not good at hands, not so clever, there is no need to worry, glueless wigs almost no installation skills.

2. Choose high quality human hair.

Relatively speaking, synthetic hair may be the cheapest, you can spend less than $20 to buy one, but its quality is also imaginable, wearing on the head looks very cheap. Choosing high-quality 100% real hair will save you a lot of trouble. Real hair is different from synthetic hair, it is more flexible, and our hair is the same, so in the wearing process almost no need to take care of, and can give you the best experience and effect.

3. Choose to install it at home

In fact, it is very convenient to install a wig yourself, and you do not need to spend a high price to find a hair stylist to install it. If you're new to wigs, check out our official Tik Tok for some videos to learn from, with lots of customer reviews and some very detailed wig wearing tutorials for your reference.

Final words

The above is the introduction of the cost of installing wigs at home and installing wigs in barbershops and the main difference, in fact, installing wigs at home is also a very good choice, with time practice, your wig installation technology, I will also have a very big improvement.

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