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How Much Does a Good Wig Cost in OhMyPretty Wig

Aug 22,2023 | OhMyPretty


When we talk about human hair wigs, we will have the stereotype that wigs are very expensive. In this post, we will make a detailed introduction to all kinds of wigs, to let you learn the real price of good human hair wigs.

How much should you pay for a wig?

If your choice is to buy a synthetic wig, only need 30$ you can get a 28-inch wig. Of course, the quality and the texture are far less than the human hair wigs. Because the synthetic wig is made by machine, and the wig hair is made of protein filament and synthetic material, the price is much lower than the human hair wigs.

If you choose to buy a human hair wig, the price is from $100 to thousands of dollars. The human hair wig is made of 100% real human natural hair, and the material and labor will be higher than the synthetic wig. But the difference is you don’t need thousands of dollars to buy a wig, in OhMyPretty Wig, you can buy the highest quality wig by using the affordable price. In our wig store, the wig price is from 100$ to about 500$. The price is lower than the wig on the market. There, you can even buy a human hair glueless lace wig for only 100%.

What determines the price

  1. The hair texture: Human Hair > Synthetic Hair. Smooth hair > Bubble hair
  2. The length of the hair: Long length hair > Short length hair
  3. The color of the hair: Light > Dark. Multicolor > Solid color
  4. Hand-woven area: Full lace > 360 lace > 13×6 lace > 13×4 lace > 5×5 lace > 4×4 lace
  5. The curvature of the wig: Yaki straight > small curl > large curl > straight
  6. The density of the wig: 250% > 200% > 180% > 150% > 130%
  7. Wig-making process: Dye > curl > bleach > pluck hairline

The price of all kinds of wigs


Wear and go wigs

This is a new type of wig that is very popular these days, the biggest feature of the wear and go wigs is 3 seconds installation, pre-styled and pre-cut lace. Of course, if your budget is limited, you can also choose a wig within your budget, such as choosing a wig without bleached wig knots, you can save some money, and then bleach it yourself.

Price range

The price of this glueless lace wig is very affordable. Commonly is from 100$ to 300$. The difference is decided by the wig length you choose. Such as a straight glueless wig of 10 inches is 96$ and a length of 30 inches is 288$.

You can easily find the "glueless wear go wig" category on our homepage and click on it to see the best-selling glueless wigs. Here, the products are diverse, the styles are complete, and you can also clearly see the price range.

Product advantage

-Pre-plucked hairline, pre-cut lace, pre-styled, very flat, and can melt with your scalp better.

-Advanced design offers you security, really glueless

-3D dome cap will not hurt your scalp, super breathable and comfortable

-3 seconds to install, is easy to wear, helps you save a lot of time

-Beginner-friendly, no glue, no gel, or any other skill needed


Colored wigs

Colored wigs’ price will be higher than the normal natural black wig because these are an additional process on the wig to make the wig looks more different.

The price of the wig is generally determined by the quality of the material, the quality of the workmanship, the advanced degree of technology, the complexity of the process, and many other aspects. Our products are definitely the real deal, the higher the price means the more you enjoy the craft.

Price range

The price of the colored wig is 150$ to 350$. The price is the same as the glueless wig but only add a dyeing price. And also, the different colored wig has different price.

Product advantage

Can better show your charm, let you shine in the sun, can let you have a different experience, and stand out in the crowd. Every girl should have a colorful wig that can fit the needs of a variety of entertainment occasions.


Lace frontal wigs

This is a wig with a pre-plucked hairline, but need to cut the lace in the frontal by yourself. The price of a lace frontal wig is similar to the glueless wig. Although the wig is no pre-cut lace, the lace frontal is expensive, too.

Price range

The price of the lace frontal wig is from 100$ to 300$. And the price is decided by the wig length, lace size, hair density, and so on.

Product advantage

The lace frontal wig is easy to stick firmly on your head, because the wig is glued to the hairline, and you can even wear it for 1-3 weeks. This wig is suited for the girl who wants to wear the wig on her head all day long, and to wear the wig every day.

Final words



The cost of the wig is decided by what wig you choose. All these are important elements to the price of a wig, the more completed the wig-making process, the higher the price it will be. If the wig you choose is the cheapest option, the price will be low, but if you choose all the most expensive options, the price will be high.