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30 Hair Color: Why did You Choose it

Nov 27,2023 | OhMyPretty


As one of the most basic and most everyday wig colors, color 30 has been welcomed by many people. In addition to natural black, color 30 is one of the closest colored wigs to natural color. Its color is not exaggerated, but also has a little color, can be said to be the best choice for daily hair color.

What Hair Color is 30

Color 30 is a dark brown, which belongs to the brown system. Most of the time, color 30 looks close to natural black. When viewed indoors, its color is almost natural black, but in bright lights, or in the sun, you can see its color is a distinct dark brown. The hidden dark brown adds a lot of unique charm to the hair color, and also makes you have a low-key and deep charm.


Dark brown wig from the overall point of view is more like black, but it is not as stiff as pure black, 30 color looks with a slight brown tone, if you are in the daily wear of natural black wig, may wish to make some changes, choose 30 color will let you in the overall change is not too much, but on the whole will be a new look.

Why You Choose 30 Hair Color

1. Color 30 is very versatile

Go with nearly any outfit and make-up. Even on a hectic workday, you don`t should spend numerous time matching garments and make-up due to the shadeation of the wig, due to the fact its shadeation isn't always exaggerated, the general is displaying a darkish brown tone, and any shadeation collocation is coordinated. Most humans as workplace workers, wigs want so that you can alternate the function of hair in no time and easily, however additionally now no longer hard to match, as a way to assist us alternate the arrival of the equal time does now no longer price an excessive amount of time.

2. Color 30 wigs are very easy to take care of

As a brown wig that is very close to the natural color, color 30 will look very smooth and shiny on the outside. If the light wig care is not timely, it may lead to hair damage, dry no moisture, so the need for very frequent care, but the color of No. 30 color itself is relatively deep, not easy to look very hairy in appearance, so it is more convenient to take care of.

3. 30 color hair is very brightening

This is a totally brilliant shadeation, a few human beings are clearly now no longer appropriate for black, black will lead them to appearance very tacky, no shadeation. And shadeation 30 can deliver them a very distinctive experience. Color 30 itself is a sort of brown, will make human beings appearance very obvious skin, and to a positive quantity can play a function in concealer. If your face is exceptionally large, you may additionally select 30 shadeation lengthy hair, very regulate the face shape.

30 hair color hairstyles recommendation

As a color favored by the majority of black girls, 30 color wigs are also many different shapes, you can use this hair color to create many different possibilities, at the same time, it can also be combined with other colors to form a gradual change in color, or highlights, and then recommend some of the more popular 30 color wigs.

30 hair color


There are many different shapes to choose from, even if you choose a wig of different length, it will create a variety of different feelings. You can choose a size 30 Bob, medium long hair, or extra long hair, the style is a variety of, you can choose according to their most suitable hairstyle, while the texture of the hair is also there are many different styles, such as body wave, ocean wave, kinky curly and so on.

Color 30 braiding hair


30 color braid is also very good-looking, if you feel that the ordinary hair is too monotonous, you can use 30 color wig braid, through braid can make your hair very design sense, but also a very fashionable shape. Don't worry about braiding your law enforcement. After wearing the wig for a few weeks, the wig can be cleaned and the wig can return to its original appearance.

1b 30 hair color


This is a very classic color matching, natural black and color No. 30 can be very natural together, because they are relatively similar colors, one belongs to the black system and the other belongs to the brown system, the two are very coordinated together, and it is also a very design style, you can choose the gradient from top to bottom. You can also choose from left to right highlights, which can combine the two well.

Other questions about 30 hair color

What color is 30 in braiding hair

30 in braiding hair color is dark brown, its color and the color of the ordinary 30 color wig is the same, in the whole closer to black, is a color of black brown.

Hair color27 and 30, which one is better

Color 27 is a honey tint of gold, which is a lighter color, and color 30 is a dark brown, which is a darker color. There is no good or bad wig color, just choose according to the shade of color you want.

What color is 1b and 30

1B refers to natural black, and 30 refers to dark brown. 1b and 30 is a combination of two colors, black and dark brown, which is a gradient or pick stain.

Final words

Color 30 is a very every day, very natural color that is definitely worth trying. If you want to buy high quality size 30 colored wigs, welcome to ohmypretty wig store, you can choose according to your preferences, here there are a variety of colored wigs as well as high quality natural-colored wigs.